Our story to Kelleys Island

Vera and Frank Baka's Kelleys Island story began in 1976 when they had their first visit to the island. They ventured to the island with another couple for an exciting weekend get-away. It only took one trip for Vera and Frank to fall in love with this little island.  The island was only a 30 minute ferry ride, and 1.5 hour drive away from their hometown of Cleveland, OH. Their love of the island inspired them to transition from weekend visitors, to invested property owners.

Kelleys Island became not only a place of relaxation for them, but a beloved designation to share with their dear friends and family. They knew it would be a wonderful place to bring their 4 sons (now grown up with their own families) to share countless memories. Vera and Frank did not know at the time how important of a place Kelleys Island would become to their family.

Fast forward 40 years, and the Baka's still find this little island full of excitement and memories! The Baka's and Mindick's (Vera's sister's family) have been celebrating their family reunion every year for close to 40 years. Their families continue to travel from far and wide to visit their second home and continue to create new memories under the pavilion at the park. We have experienced baptisms and weddings at St. Michael's church, a reception at KI Brewery, countless summer jobs, baby announcements, birthday celebrations and so on. There was no question that these life events would occur anyplace else but the island. 

We hope your vacation stay is as enjoyable as our family has experienced. 

Thank you for choosing Baka's Island Places for your rental needs!